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Baseball Cases To Showcase Memorabilia From America's Favorite Pastime

These baseball cases will knock a home run with your friends and family.  Our baseball holders are designed to preserve and display your favorite baseball memorabilia.  Our high quality display cases by Sports Case Kings can store your favorite baseballs, baseball team hats or caps, baseball jerseys, baseball autographed pictures, baseball bobbleheads, baseball shoes and baseball bats from dust and harmful light.

These baseball cases are constructed with the highest quality materials. We offer three choices of frames wood, mahogany or black.  The see-through acrylic design showcases your favorite baseball memorabilia and is a greater way to display and protect your item for years to come.

Mahogany Baseball Case - Acrylic Mahogany Baseball Case - Acrylic
Our Boardroom Baseball Holder from our Boardroom collection is best seller for all the reasons. Clear acrylic lid and Mahogany Base. Shop now!
Thirty Baseball Display Case Thirty Baseball Display Case
THIRTY BASEBALL DISPLAY CASE WALL MOUNTED Display All Of Those Baseballs In Your Closet.  The Baseball Case Holds Thirty Baseballs And Is Wall Mountable. This Case Is A ...
Wood Baseball Bat Case - Acrylic Wood Baseball Bat Case - Acrylic
A befitting baseball bat case for your baseball bat is the need of the hour. This display case comes with your choice of frame. Shop yours now!
8x10 Baseball Horizontal Or Vertical Frame 8x10 Baseball Horizontal Or Vertical Frame
This Baseball Frame Comes With You Choice Of  Horizontal Or Vertical. This Baseball Frame Is A  8X10 Ready Made Frame. The Frame Is Available In Wood, Mahogany, Or ...
Acrylic Baseball Display Case Wall Mountable Acrylic Baseball Display Case Wall Mountable
An autographed baseball is worthy of display and that too in the right way. This baseball display case is wall mountable which makes it one of its kind and worth your attention. ...
Acrylic Baseball Display Case With Gold Ring Acrylic Baseball Display Case With Gold Ring
If you have got an autographed baseball, you better not hide it inside a closet. We have come up with a solution to all your Sports Memorabilia related problems in the form of ...
Acrylic Softball Display Case Acrylic Softball Display Case
Softball collectibles are quite rare, but not impossible to find. You can just get a ball, then get it signed by your favorite player. Now, what do you do with it? You want ...
Baseball Cap & Ball Display Case - Acrylic Baseball Cap & Ball Display Case - Acrylic
Enjoy the deluxe appearance of our baseball cap display case, as well as the extra support for an autographed ball from your favorite baseball player.
Baseball Cap Holder - Acrylic Baseball Cap Holder - Acrylic
Make sure that you know how to thoroughly protect your baseball memorabilia without acrylic baseball hat display. The ultimate in beauty & quality.
Baseball Cap Holder - Acrylic Baseball Cap Holder - Acrylic
Whether you are a collector or you have just been lucky enough to get your baseball cap signed by your favorite player, all you can think about is keeping it in the best possible ...
Baseball Case With Black Base - Acrylic Baseball Case With Black Base - Acrylic
Shop our Baseball Case today and flaunt your valuable in a minimalist way. Comes with a clear acrylic lid, black acrylic base. With Free custom nameplate.
Baseball Case With Gold Glove And Black Acrylic Base Baseball Case With Gold Glove And Black Acrylic Base
This baseball display case is not an ordinary case at all. A minimalistic yet classic looking single baseball gold glove case with an black acrylic base is a masterpiece in ...
Baseball Display Case - Acrylic Baseball Display Case - Acrylic
Get your hands on our best seller baseball display case today and add class to your space! Show off your prize and joy with this baseball case.
Baseball Jersey Display Case - Acrylic Baseball Jersey Display Case - Acrylic
Check out our baseball jersey display case, as well as the deep level of customization, inscriptions and finishes. The ultimate in beauty and quality.
Baseball Shoe Or Cleat Display Case Up To Size 19 Baseball Shoe Or Cleat Display Case Up To Size 19
This Baseball Shoe Or Cleat Case. This Shoe/Cleat Case Can Hold Up To A Size 19 Shoe.  This Case Comes With A Black Acrylic Base And Gold Risers. An Engraved Nameplate ...
Bat Case With Black Base - Acrylic Bat Case With Black Base - Acrylic
A basic display case for a baseball bat but always does wonders. Nothing can beat a classic and elegant display box like this one here. There is more to it. This baseball bat ...
Bobblehead Baseball Display Case Bobblehead Baseball Display Case
SINGLE BOBBLEHEAD DISPLAY CASE   This Is A Baseball Single Bobblehead Doll Display Comes.   The Base Is Made Of A Black Acrylic. An Engraved Name Plate Is ...
Double Baseball Display Case Double Baseball Display Case
A double baseball display case for your pair of your autographed baseballs is a must have! Comes with gold gloves and black base. Get yours today.
Double Baseball Display Case - Acrylic Double Baseball Display Case - Acrylic
For those who like to keep things minimal, simple, and elegant, this double baseball case here is perfect for you to keep your valuable collectibles in front of everyone. No need ...
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Keep Your Baseball Memorabilia in Mint Condition with a High-Quality Baseball Case

Baseball memorabilia is the most valuable sports memorabilia in the world. No other sport has memorabilia that consistently is bought for the amount of money that baseball memorabilia is sold for. There once was a time when “America’s Pastime” was the number 1 sport in the United States. Even now, it is still one of the top sports in America and around the world. A fan that goes to a baseball game today may see players from dozens of countries grace the diamond at any time.

Baseball history is filled with memorable characters and life altering events. Many baseball fans can associate specific moments in their lives with the game of baseball. From hearing their first game on the radio, to collecting their first trading cards, to catching their first foul ball, baseball has always been in their lives. Baseball is that old familiar friend that they can always rely on being there for them, no matter what. It is that quest to recapture the glory days of summer and the memories that were made that drives baseball memorabilia collectors. And when collectors obtain their desired treasure, they take the steps to protect it.

Baseball memorabilia is not just baseballs and baseball bats. Collectible memorabilia ranges from hats to gloves, and jerseys to full uniforms. Some collectors even collect bases and home plates. In recent years, bobbleheads have become a big collectible item. Each of these specific items has a specially made case that can be used to display and protect it. Baseball caps can be displayed in a custom cap case that allows the cap to be viewed and protected at the same time. Baseball gloves can be showcased in a magnificent baseball glove case that protects its well worn leather. Precious baseball bats can be displayed in a custom baseball bat display case made from some of the world’s finest woods. A monogrammed name plate can identify the baseball great that wielded the mighty stick. A high quality baseball bat display case is the only way to properly display any baseball bat of great significance.

The best cases are reserved for the most valuable baseball collectibles, jerseys and baseballs.

A game worn or autographed jersey is not only precious artifact, it is an investment too. A jersey should be properly protected in a baseball jersey display case. A baseball jersey display case can keep that jersey in great condition forever. More than just a picture frame, a baseball jersey frame is a must for any serious baseball lover or collector.

The same can be said of a precious baseball. A baseball case can both display and protect your treasured baseball. There are various baseball display holders available to choose from. There are pedestals that allow a baseball to be touched and inspected. There are closed baseball display cases that keep out and dust and dirt. Only you can decide what baseball display is best for you.

A Baseball display are a must for the collector or fan that wants to protect their memories.

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