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Baseball Bat Display Cases, Shadow Boxes, Frames & More

Batters up! with one our baseball bat display cases. At we are proud of our wide selection of cases for baseball memorabilia. We have many choices from a single bat holder to a nine bat display. Either way you choose you will have a fine display case to protect your prized autographed baseball bat memorabilia.

Elite Eight Bat Display Holder
Elite Triple Bat Baseball Display Case
Elite Baseball, Bat, Card & Jersey Case - Glass
Wood Baseball Bat Display
Elite Nine Bat Display Case
Elite Baseball, Double 8x10s and Bat Display
Elite Six Bat Baseball Display Case
Elite Five Bat Baseball Display
Elite Seven Bat Display Case
Elite Four Bat Baseball Display Case
Bat Case With Acrylic Base
Elite Baseball Bat And Baseball Display
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Honor Your Baseball Bat Collection with a Baseball Bat Display Case

Baseball bats are as unique to each player that swings them as their value is to each collector. To a non-baseball fan, it may seem strange to get so excited over a piece of wood. After all, it is just a piece of wood. Or is it?

Baseball bats are made of various types of wood, but mostly ash or maple. They are usually the color of the original wood, but some are colored depending on the owner’s preference. The basic design of a baseball bat has not changed in a hundred years, but their significance to collectors has grown in popularity. Every major hit in a game is traced to the batter and his bat. It might be a home run, or just a single that changes the tide of a game. It could also be a historic or record breaking hit. The value of a bat is determined by the bats owner and their place in baseball history. It may be the bat that won a World Series, or a bat that broke a hitting record. It could also be an autographed baseball bat. When a collector or fan acquires a collectible baseball bat they want to display it for everyone to see.

The best way to display a baseball bat is to purchase a bat display case or shadow box. Buying a case for your baseball bat is very different from buying an ordinary sports display case. Baseball bats are not that heavy, but they can weigh as much as 33 ounces. They are however a large object because of their length. When choosing a baseball bat display, a collector has to make a few big decisions first. Do they want to display the bat vertically or horizontally? Will the bat be displayed by itself or with other baseball memorabilia? The presentation of such a significant object is important.

If a collector wants to display his baseball bat horizontally, there are baseball bat holders that allow the baseball bat to be displayed in a custom crafted bat display. These horizontal cases can be made from wood. They can be closed or made with a hinged door that allows the bat to be removed for closer inspection. A horizontally mounted baseball bat display case can also be customized with an engraved nameplate. There are also bat cases that can display the bat horizontally along with other pieces of baseball related memorabilia such as baseballs. If a collector has multiple bats, he can display them with a larger baseball bat display holder.

A collector that wants to display his bats vertically also has numerous options to choose from. There are cases the hold a single baseball bat behind the protective glass. Vertical cases are better for displaying more than just a baseball bat. There are vertically mounted baseball bat display cases that have room for other types of memorabilia like baseball jerseys, baseballs or autographed photos. These display cases can be personalized with engraved nameplates.

Don’t just put your baseball bat in a closet or stand it against a wall. Protect it with a baseball bat display case.