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Baseball Jersey Display Cases For All Your MLB Memorabilia

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Respect A Memorable Baseball Player's Jersey With The Right Baseball Jersey Frame

Most people who have something to display would rather put it on a shelf or a desk.  When it comes to a piece of clothing, you cannot just put a hanger in the middle of your entryway or inside your office.  You want to put extra care and thought into displaying your game used jersey.  This piece of memorabilia is history in the making.  The same rules apply to a baseball jersey display case.

A baseball jersey frame represents the optimal way to introduce your audience to a beautiful piece of memorabilia. We introduce you to the finest baseball jersey frames available on the market today. We know that preservation is a paramount worry for most fans, so our jersey cases are designed with quality and protection in mind.

Whether this is a rare jersey, an autographed jersey or just an old piece of memorabilia, it deserves tender loving care. Framed baseball jerseys deserve a special degree of care and protection. We are here to give you just what you need. Just like with any other major purchase, we offer more levels of customization to your jersey display case. You are free to individualize the baseball jersey case according to your preferences.

Some collectors only display the top part of the baseball jersey, so they choose smaller jersey cases. They focus only on the player's name. Some others want to reveal the whole jersey.  Some of our larger cases also provide special support for a baseball bat, a ball and even a card. The framed baseball jersey will hang on a hanger and display hanging.

You can customize farther and choose from different finishes for the baseball jersey display case.   Some of our jersey holders have a customizable interior too. Access to the jersey is simple, as the front parts are removable or opening. A few of our holders are available with keys as well, only to keep friends away from your valuable treasure. We also engrave the acrylic or glass according to your preferences. If you are planning to display the jersey in a sun soaked room, we recommend opting for our UV protection too.