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Elite Golf Putter, 8x10 Photo Display Case

In a world where fans of golf collect balls, autographs and signed pictures, the truth is that you can always go farther and take these collectibles to the next level. Every golf fan would be proud to display a putter. Sure, you can get a golf driver with a nice story behind it, but how do you display it? It is not like you can leave it in a corner. Not only it looks bad, but everyone will want to play with it as well. We can make these problems history and offer a professional way to do it. Check out our Elite Golf Putter, 8x10 Photo Display Case – and make sure that you customize it accordingly. Just like our other display cases, we offer a deep degree of individualization.

This golf frame displays a vertical 8x10 photo alongside your golf putter.  The frame is available in four styles, depending on the theme of your room or perhaps your personal preferences – mahogany, honey, walnut and black. The interior of this golf display case is covered in suede, which is also customized for you.  You have a choice of 10 different colors. Apart from the 8x10 photo and putter, we also include a  text plate on the inside, which has three lines, engraved free.

Case Dimensions: 22" wide x 39.5" tall

Available Options:
Provide Exact Text For Name Plate Here
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
* All sports memorabilia is not included. It is for display purposes only.
* Sports Case Kings reserves the right to change frame-molding profiles based on availability *