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Keep Your Football Cap Collection in Mint Condition with Football Cap Display Case

Young people might not realize this, but once upon a time most people just had one cap. Yes, just one cap. It might have been the cap of their favorite NFL team, or the cap of their favorite college football team. But no matter who it was, they had just one football hat. It was something that they wore on game days. They also wore it when they mowed the lawn or painted the house. They wore it in the rain and in the sun. It got dirty. It got worn. But it was theirs. When it finally wore out, they bought another just like it. That was it. It was that simple. They really didn’t care about protecting that hat.

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Then times changed

The business of sports and sports marketing got bigger. Colleges and sports leagues saw opportunities to expand their markets by making different styles of football caps and hats. In the past, there might be one or two caps available. There was one hat with a team’s current logo and primary color, and a white hat with the team’s logo. Then, the retro or throwback hats appeared. Leagues wanted to create a sense of nostalgia. And make a few bucks too. Now instead of one or two hats, there might be 3 or 4 hats. Still that was no big deal. Most people bought 2 hats and alternated them.

Then the market exploded

Teams had their basic, standard hats. Then they had their throwback hats. Then they had their championship hats. Then there were pink hats for women, hats with alternate colors and logos, even hats for children and babies. Finally there were hats that were only worn by the players and coaches on the sidelines. From one or two hats, there sprang 20 or 30 hats. All of them in different colors and patterns. Collectors and sports fans were going crazy buying up all of these hats, and teams were laughing all the way to the bank.

Sports fans and collectors now bought hats to wear, and hats to collect. They would have certain hats autographed by their favorite players. All of a sudden, these hats and caps became very valuable. And when you have something valuable, it has to be protected. The only way to protect a football cap is with a football cap display case. Football hat cases keep the hat clean and dust free. A football cap display case also allows you to display your cap for everyone to see. Just as there are different football caps, there are different football cap displays. There are desktop and tabletop football hat cases. There are also wall mounted football hat display cases. All of the football cap display cases can be customized with your favorite team’s logo etched on the acrylic enclosure.

Football caps are now a huge part of the collectible football related memorabilia market. With any memorabilia, you have to protect and preserve them. The value of a football cap can only increase in time if it is properly handled and protected. The best was to protect that investment is with a football cap display case.