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Football Case For All The Different Ways To Protect & Showcase A Ball

Here at Sports Case Kings we sell football cases and football holders that are built with the fan in mind. We sell only the best football memorabilia cases, so you can proudly display and protect your memorabilia for many years to come. For an additional charge, you can get also get 100% museum quality UV protection to shield your treasure from harmful sunlight. We know how passionate you are about football, so our football cases are both stylish and built to last.

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Showcase Your Prized Football with a Football Display

A football doesn’t need to be a collectible to be a prized possession. It only needs to be special to you. The memories that it brings to mind are some of the best moments of your life. As we get older, those memories fade. And if we don’t protect the mementos of those memories, we risk losing the memory altogether. The best way to preserve the past for future generations to admire is to purchase a quality football case.

Football holders are specialized display cases that are made to properly protect and display a collectible football. There are many types of football displays available to a collector. A collector must determine how he or she wants to best protect and memorialize their football.

A collector may have a football from their high school days that they want to display. A good choice for them would be a football display case with a simple plastic base and a plastic case. This will allow them to protect their football from dust and dirt and display in their home or office.

Another collector may have a more prized football. This football may be from their college football days. Perhaps they even won a conference or national title. They may want to take the step to purchase a football display with a wooden base and a sturdy glass or acrylic enclosure. A nameplate can be added to give details on the importance of the football.

The most prized footballs are footballs used in professional games or those that are autographed. A football like this deserves the very best football cases available. A football used in an NFL game is a desirable object for any football fan. An autographed football used in an NFL game is highly sought after. These footballs should be protected and preserved with a high quality football holder. A fan of a specific NFL team may want to have a case with an NFL team logo on it. The team logo can be etched into the acrylic case or it can be engraved on the base’s nameplate. Or you could purchase a football holder decorated in the team colors of your favorite NFL team. While these are great options, there is one more option. A top of the line football display case. A football memorabilia display case with a fine mahogany wood base and a custom engraved brass look nameplate. These cases have the option of UV protection to shield your football from the sun. The acrylic enclosure can also have mirrored sides to allow a 360 degree view of your treasured football. A football display like this is not cheap. But it is the very best for a very special football.

Football memorabilia cases are an absolute must for a serious football collector. If you have made the investment in a collectible football, it would be irresponsible to just place it in an ordinary box. Anything other than a football display will possibly harm the integrity of your collectible football.