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Football Jersey Display Cases Protect Signed & Game Worn Player Shirts

SportsCaseKings.Com Offers A Few Different Football Jersey Display Cases.  All Of Our Jersey Display Cases Are Officially Licensed By The NFL.  Get Your Favorite NFL Team Logo And Your Favorite Players Name Engraved On Our CaseWorks Football Jersey Case.  You Have Spent The Money On That Autographed Football Jersey Now Protect It From The Elements.  You Will Love These Football Jersey Frame Display Cases.

NFL Football Jersey Display Case - Acrylic
Football Elite Jersey Display Case - Glass
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Keep Your Football Memories Alive Forever with a Display Case For Jersey

Their exploits were the stuff of legends. Almost every time that they stepped onto the field, it was magical. And their numbers are just as memorable. A red 16, a dark blue 51, a silver 12, a green 4, and a blue 8. Any real football fan knows the names that were above those numbers. Montana 16, Butkus 51, Brady 12, Favre 4, and Aikman 8. They are NFL legends and every time you see their jersey you remember the many great games that they had. Now you can remember them all the time as you view their jerseys in custom football jersey display cases.

A football jersey is a treasured piece of football memorabilia. If it is autographed or game worn, it is even more valuable. Just as you wouldn’t throw a valuable piece of art in a closet or a box, you wouldn’t do the same for a valuable football jersey. That jersey has to be protected and preserved. The best way to do that is to purchase a football jersey display case.

A football jersey case is not just a picture frame. It is a high quality display case made specifically for the display of NFL  jerseys. Most picture frames just aren’t made to display a football jersey correctly. A picture frame may be too small or it may not hold the jersey correctly. Football jersey display cases are made in different sizes to accommodate different size football jerseys. A football jersey display can be made with a solid wood frame. The front of the display case will be made of acrylic. It can also have UV protection to keep your football jersey from suffering from the effects of the sun or harsh lighting. Some cases are made like cabinets with a hinged door that allows you or anyone else to get a better look at your jersey. There are even engraving options for each and every fan. If you want the players name etched on the display glass, you can get that. If you want their team name on the front, that is possible too. Maybe you would rather prefer that there be a customized nameplate on your display case. Some cases are even made with picture holders that can show the player in their glory days.

When you first purchased that football jersey, you did it with pride. This was important to you, or you wouldn’t have purchased it. And to be honest, if you didn’t purchase it, someone else would have. Every football fan wants an autographed or game worn jersey. To just crudely display your jersey like it is just an ordinary piece of clothing is a dishonor to the player that wore the jersey and to the sport itself. Since you have taken the step to honor the athlete and the game by purchasing this football jersey, you have the responsibility to display it in a high quality football jersey case. If you didn’t intend to display it properly, you shouldn’t have purchased it in the first place.