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Build Your Own Hockey Hall of Fame with Custom Hockey Display Cases

You can’t believe you are here. You just watched your son play his last professional hockey game. He took that last skate around the ice to the cheers of his adoring fans. All of the years of hard work had paid off, and you had seen it all.

From the early morning rides to the rink for that precious ice time, to the late afternoon games. Youth hockey had let to high school hockey. High school hockey had led to college hockey and college hockey had led to the NHL. The years in the NHL had led to the Olympic hockey team. And at each step of the way there was a memory. 

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The first goal, The first hat trick, The first goal in a shootout, That championship season

And now as you look around your basement, there they are. The hockey pucks from every game that he played are there. The hockey caps from every team that he was on were there too. Hockey sticks from each year that he played hockey were there. And of course, there were the hockey jerseys. You had kept every piece of memorabilia. They were all preserved in custom hockey cases.

On the walls, were the hockey caps. Every cap had its own wall mounted hockey cap display case. And each hockey cap display case had a nameplate with his name and the team’s name. Those hockey cap display cases were high quality. They kept the dust out and the UV protection kept out the harmful rays of the sun.

You had the hockey sticks too. It wasn’t easy finding hockey stick display cases, but you did. You found a company online that custom made them. And they were made of wood with acrylic glass to protect the sticks. Next to the hockey sticks were the hockey jerseys. Each one was proudly displayed in its own hockey jersey display case. You knew that those jerseys would always stay in the condition they were in because of those high quality hockey jersey display cases.

Finally there were the hockey pucks. You had almost a thousand of them. From every game that you attended, you managed to get a hockey puck. You even caught a few. Each hockey puck had its own hockey puck display case. You had so many hockey pucks that you had to get different types of hockey puck display cases. Some pucks were in wall mounted hockey puck display cases. The cases made the pucks seem like they were floating in air. Others were in glass hockey puck display cases on the tabletops. The most prized pucks had special hockey puck display cases. Those pucks sat in special mirrored cases with engraved nameplates that told their stories.

The whole room told a story. It was a rich story of highs and lows, triumphs and defeats. Each chapter had a hockey cap display case or a hockey puck display case. The quality hockey cases had cost a lot, but the price of preserving the memories was never too high for you.