Jersey Display Case For All Your Sports Memorabilia

Sports such as football, hockey, baseball, and basketball are so much more than just interests and hobbies. They’re literally a piece of our history as a society, so it’s not hard to see why owning a little piece of that history is so desirable to today’s sports fans. To begin with, a piece of sports memorabilia is inextricably linked to the pivotal moment that it represents, whether that’s a record-breaking touchdown, a home run for the records, or a hockey game that sent one’s home team to the championships. It’s also a valuable commodity in and of itself because of what it represents.

With that said, there’s no piece of sports memorabilia that’s more sought after or prized than the sports jersey. Jerseys are items that were actually worn by a player during an important game, or perhaps even a huge portion of their career. Some stand alone as timeless keepsakes of a given event. Others are designed to be collectors’ editions and include signatures from the players who wore them. If you’re lucky enough to own such an item, it’s important that you protect its integrity with your personal choice in jersey display cases.

NFL Football Jersey Display Case - Acrylic NFL Football Jersey Display Case - Acrylic
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The Benefits of Protecting Your Jersey from Damage and Deterioration

Although any piece of sports memorabilia can and should be protected from the dangers of the world around us because of the significant investment they represent, it’s important to understand that jerseys can be especially delicate. Clothing has a way of deteriorating over time if it isn’t properly preserved. Plus, it’s important to be sure it’s guarded against the elements and any possible accidents that may happen.

  • Don’t make the mistake that so many people make with their historically significant sports jerseys by throwing them into a dresser drawer or storing it alongside your average, everyday clothing. You run the risk of the item being worn, washed, or misplaced. Only a professional display case can truly ensure the continued integrity of your item over time.
  • Harmful elements such as UV rays and sunlight can break down the fibers of the cloth over time. Taking proper display measures by choosing the right case ensures that humidity, temperature fluctuations, and other such occurrences don’t lower the jersey’s value over time.
  • Like other historically significant items, sports jerseys – whether their value is merely sentimental or valuable on a greater scale – should be treated as valuable heirlooms that can be passed down to children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren eventually.
  • Jerseys that have spent the years completely protected by professional museum-quality cases will fetch a much higher selling price should you or your descendants ever need or want to part with them.

Sometimes accidents happen as well, so it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected if you’re the proud owner of a commemorative sports jersey.

  • Professional display options don’t just protect your item from the elements or from any unforeseen mishaps that may occur. They also ensure that they’re preserved when moving or when your home is undergoing renovations.
  • Guard against leaks, moisture problems, weather issues, or spills that can break down the integrity of the jersey’s fibers over time.
  • Taking proper display measures helps make sure your important jerseys aren’t accidently misplaced or mistaken for wearable clothing by children or guests. This actually happens more often than you might otherwise think!

Jersey displays also allow you to show off your memorabilia as part of your home décor. After all, it’s memories and good times that make a house a home. Historically significant items displayed in places of honor represent the perfect way to place your stamp on your own humble abode.

Tips for Choosing the Right Case for Your Jersey

Although it might seem at first as if all jersey display cases would be created equally, it’s important to realize just how expansive and varied your options really are. Here’s how to make sure you make a wise decision that you can trust your items to well into the future.

  • Don’t just choose the least expensive option you can find. Your jersey represents a significant investment, so it only makes sense to make an investment in your case as well. Go for options attached to excellent consumer reviews or that are recommended by collecting experts.
  • The sun’s harmful UV rays are a sports jersey’s worst enemy, as they will quickly fade your item or break down its fibers over time. Choose a case that features museum-quality UV-blocking acrylic instead of ordinary glass.
  • Making a good choice is about more than just functionality. Consider the décor style of the area where your item will be displayed. Choose wooden frames that match the wooden elements of your room, for instance.
  • Carefully consider the way you plan to display your jersey before you buy, and choose accordingly. Companies that specialize in offering protective collectible cases generally have options available for each sport – hockey, baseball, football, and so forth. There are also options available for displaying jerseys either folded or full-length.
  • Consider picking an option that is customizable via engraving so that you can display a date, player name, or other stat alongside the jersey. This gives you the opportunity to turn your item into a true artistic showpiece.

You should also always remember to keep any certificates or papers you received with your jersey in a safe place where they won’t be lost or damaged. This will be essential if you ever decide that you would like to sell your item and cash in on its accumulated value at some point down the road.

Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Case

It’s not enough just to make sure your case is made of the right materials and is engineered to do the job of protecting your memorabilia. Only buy your cases from vendors that are at the top of the heap when it comes to displaying and protecting irreplaceable historical items – like SportsCaseKings – so that you can trust the quality of the items. Check the vendor’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau before buying, and read plenty of consumer reviews in regards to the exact case you’re considering before making a final decision. Don’t go with a company that isn’t ready and willing to provide you with additional information about their products on demand either. The right vendors are always ready and willing to help their clients make a decision.

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