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Mini Basketball Display - Acrylic

Undecided about the best way to store a signed basketball? Whether it is a rare collectible or just a signed ball, you want it preserved, but also displayed accordingly. You do not want your friends to play with it or see dust on it. Instead, you want everyone to admire it. This is when our mini basketball display case makes your life easier. Not only it protects the valuable memorabilia, but it also displays it just like those things you normally see in museums. It is designed for mini balls though. You should also know that it comes with a nameplate. The nameplate can be engraved free of charge, whether you want to put the player's name or a date.

The black acrylic case is stylish and elegant. Furthermore, if you want a fancier design, you can opt for mirrored backing. UV protection is also optional. It becomes a good choice if the case will be exposed to direct sunlight for too much time. After all, you want it in the best possible shape for as long as possible.


Available Options:
Mirrored Backing:   
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UV Protected:   
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* All sports memorabilia is not included. It is for display purposes only.
* Sports Case Kings reserves the right to change frame-molding profiles based on availability *