The Importance Of museum Quality UV Protection

When you decide to protect your valued sports memorabilia you are looking at the future. There is no reason to protect something just for today. A piece of memorabilia holds a special place in your life. It may remind you of your youth and your favorite sport. It may remind you of a specific time and place that you shared with a person dear and special to you. A piece of memorabilia may remind you of a great player or a great play. It might just be a piece of your own personal history like a high school or college championship. No matter the significance, preserving the item for tomorrow is very important.

Obviously, preserving a piece of memorabilia is best done with a sports display case. There are many sports display cases to choose from. They range from the inexpensive display cases to the highest grade museum quality display cases. While many people focus on the base of the display case they forget a very important part of the sports display case, the acrylic enclosure.

An acrylic sports display case enclosure serves two purposes. The first purpose is to allow you to display your piece of memorabilia in a manner that allows both yourself and others to view it. What good is a home run baseball if no one can look at it? The second purpose of the acrylic enclosure is to protect your piece of memorabilia. Protection is not limited to just dust, dirt and air. The acrylic enclosure has to protect your memorabilia from light and the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) light can be very harmful to a baseball, a hat or a jersey. When you purchase a sports display case, UV protection has to be an important consideration in your purchase.

The best way to ensure that you are protected from UV rays is to purchase a sports display case with an acrylic case that offers museum quality UV protection. Museum quality UV protection is the only thing that will protect your memorabilia from UV rays. This is the type of acrylic that you will see in public places like museums, offices, schools or anywhere UV protection is extremely needed. Acrylic manufactured with museum quality UV protection is not just to protect the appearance of your memorabilia. Most people will say that you need UV protection to keep your memorabilia from discoloration. That is partially true. UV protection also protects the integrity of your memorabilia. UV protection acrylic will keep your memorabilia from premature decay and allow you to enjoy it longer than you thought you might be able to.

Now that you know how important UV protection is, please take it into consideration. Don’t let a dealer convince you that you don’t need museum quality UV protection to protect your memorabilia. There are companies that will tell you that they offer various standards of UV protection. There is no such thing. You either have museum quality protection or you do not. They will try to get you to purchase a cheaper, lower quality "option". Don’t be swayed by that salesmanship and false advertising. Your best option is acrylic made with museum quality UV protection. It is the best way to keep your memorabilia in the condition that it was in when you first purchased it.

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