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Vertical Boxing Glove Display Case - Acrylic

You have just managed to get a boxing glove signed by your favorite boxer.  That does not mean you have to keep it a secret. Sure, you would not want anyone to play around with it or pick it up and look at it. But instead of hiding it for protection, just learn what it takes to display it in an elegant manner. Our boxing glove display case has been specifically developed to preserve your valuable boxing memorabilia and keep it in the best possible shape.

The boxing glove case is a freestanding unit. In other words, it is not wall mountable. Instead, it is vertical, compact and easy to keep anywhere. You can put it on your desk or perhaps a special pedestal or shelf in your office – up to you. The boxing glove holder will not only protect the glove against curious hands, but it will also become the focal point of your room. It is a valuable piece, so people will be interested in it. The case comes with a black acrylic base.  Your boxing glove will be protected by an acrylic box around it.

We provide a deep level of customization for each boxing gloves display case and this one is no exception. We provide mirrored backing on request, just in case you want a more elegant appearance. We also offer museum quality UV protection if it will be displayed in direct sunlight.  The boxing glove holder comes with free engraving for the plate. Let us know what you want the plate to say and you can consider it done.

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* All sports memorabilia is not included. It is for display purposes only.
* Sports Case Kings reserves the right to change frame-molding profiles based on availability *