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Wall Mountable Baseball Cap Display Case - Acrylic

Just because you have gotten your baseball cap autographed by your favorite player, it does not mean that you have to hide it for protection in the back of your closet. Instead, such things are worth a display, whether you want to brag to some friends or just watch your player's signature everyday. But leaving it on a shelf or a desk is not the best idea. Dust gathers, while fabrics degrade overtime. What do you do then? Easy! Check out our baseball cap display case and display your favorite sports related item.

The baseball cap display is wall mounted, so you just need to find a small place in the entryway or perhaps your office to install it. It consists of two parts – a wide wooden frame and a small glass box attached to it. It is not just elegant, but it can also match all kinds of themes and decors. It measures 13 1/2” in width and 12” in weight, so double check the place where you plan to install it. As for the depth, it goes to 7 1/2”, so make sure that you are not going to bump into it while walking around.

We offer a deep level of customization for each baseball hat display case. The frame is available in three different finishes – mahogany, wood and black finish. Choose the most appropriate one based on the cap color and room theme. At the same time, the front part has a small name plate attached. It goes on two lines, so we will engrave it for free. Just give us the name or whatever you want to display and we will make this elegant accessory look like one of those things you buy from professional shops.

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* All sports memorabilia is not included. It is for display purposes only.
* Sports Case Kings reserves the right to change frame-molding profiles based on availability *