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Wall Mounted Cap Display Case - Glass

Feeling lucky enough to get your baseball cap signed by your favorite player? Or maybe you have just purchased an antique cap from a vintage shop. Things like these should not get lost in an old box in the attic. Instead, they deserve a proper display – but not just any kind of display. You cannot just leave the cap on a desk or a shelf and let everyone touch it with their greasy hands. You do not want dust to gather up on it either. Instead, take a look at our baseball cap display case and pay the utmost respect to your rare piece of memorabilia.

This baseball hat display is wall mounted. Basically, it comes with a wood frame that goes on the wall, as well as a glass box that pops out of it. Overall, the inside measures 8x10x6”. It is large enough to accommodate pretty much any cap. The base of the frame – or better said the back of the case – is mirrored for a more elegant appearance. Make sure that you double check the space on the wall, but especially the depth. You do not want to hit the case while walking around.

When it comes to the base, our baseball hat display case is deeply customizable. You have a few basic options for the background – cherry, walnut or black. Choose the base finish based on the theme of your room. Other than that, we offer free customization in terms of engraving. The middle bottom part of our case can be freely engraved over two lines. You can come up with the player's name, the date or maybe a few words. All in all, no matter whether you want this customization or not, you will love the elegance and museum-like profile of our baseball cap display.

***Production Time Is About 5-10 Business Days***

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* All sports memorabilia is not included. It is for display purposes only.
* Sports Case Kings reserves the right to change frame-molding profiles based on availability *